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950 4th Street, Charleston

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Parent's Section

The college career often becomes the basis for your student's future successes.
Melrose on Fourth and Brooklyn Heights Apartments understands the importance that environment has on academics and life away from home. We have built brand new apartments to exceed all of your expectations as a parent as well as give your student all of the luxuries they would like away from home.

At Melrose on Fourth and Brooklyn Heights Apartments, we focus on providing quality housing at an excellent location. You will find that our apartments are safe, built with exceedingly high standards and unlike anything else in Charleston!

Roommate Needed?

If your student doesn't want a one-bedroom, but can't find a roommate, don't worry! We will match your student with a roommate that they get to choose!


Use your Financial Aid to pay your rent! Our apartments are MUCH LESS than dorms, plus you only get to live in the dorms for 9 months, not including Christmas, Thanksgiving & Spring Break! At Melrose on Fourth and Brooklyn Heights, you get almost 12 months with NO breaks for much less! Check it out!